Aims and Scopes

The subject of “Renal Endocrinology “is a dynamic, and rapidly growing, subspecialty of both nephrology and endocrinology. Emphasis is toward the kidney as a source of hormones, a target organ of various renal and non-renal hormones, a source of enzymes that directed to hormone production, and a producer of paracrine factors.

Journal of Renal Endocrinology includes features of hormone physiology and physiopathology. Endocrinologists are involved by the pandemic of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Nephrologists, likewise, are involved by kidney disorders, which some of them have various endocrine aspects.

Journal of Renal Endocrinology is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the promotion of treatment of endocrine aspects of the kidney. It has pursued this aim through publishing editorials, original research articles, reviews, mini-reviews, commentaries, letters to the editor, hypothesis, case reports, epidemiology and prevention, news and views, brief communications and photo-clinics.