J Ren Endocrinol. 2021;7: e19 | Published on: 2021 Oct 07. doi: 10.34172/jre.2021.19


Vitamin D and COVID-19 infection; recent findings

Alireza Pouramini 1 ORCID, Fatemeh Kafi 1 ORCID, Shakiba Hassanzadeh 2 * ORCID

Cited by CrossRef: 1

1- Efird J, Anderson E, Jindal C, Redding T, Thompson A, Press A, Upchurch J, Williams C, Choi Y, Suzuki A. The Interaction of Vitamin D and Corticosteroids: A Mortality Analysis of 26,508 Veterans Who Tested Positive for SARS-CoV-2. IJERPH. 2021;19(1):447 [Crossref]