J Ren Endocrinol. 2023;9: e25094 | Published on: 2023 Jun 08. doi: 10.34172/jre.2023.25094


The effect of allopurinol on serum uric acid levels in patients with diabetic nephropathy; a systematic review and meta-analysis on randomized clinical trials

Jafar Kolahi 1 ORCID, Soleyman Alivand 2 ORCID, Noorbakhsh Alivand 3 ORCID, Sara Dehghan 4 ORCID, Farzaneh Barkhordari Ahmadi 5 ORCID, Najmeh Parsai 4 ORCID, Mohammad Hossein Taklif 6 ORCID, Reyhaneh Sadeghian 4 ORCID, Hossein Mardanparvar 4 * ORCID

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